5 coffeebars to visit

We sure like coffee. No better place to meet, relax and enjoy a good coffee than an authentic coffeebar. Belgium has plenty nice bars but these are our favourites.

1. Café Labath - Gent

A no nonsens coffee place with eye for fair trade. The beans are selected and directly bought from local farmers in Columbia.

2. Normo - Antwerp

Sipping a slow coffee an a place that makes you feel like your own living room.

3. Broer Bretel - Antwerp

Toon Craen (a major Steff-fan by the way) and his brothers opened this bar 4 years ago and already got featured in New York Times Magazine. Well deserved because this coffeeplace is truly ab fab!

4. Viva Sarah - Kortrijk

A reference since 1987, Viva Sarah is the place in Kortrijk for coffee lovers and barista's.

5. Kaffee Ine - Mechelen

A vintage inspired interior is the background of your perfectly served latte, cappuccino or slow coffee.