Find the perfect underwear

We all like to wear a t-shirt under our shirt, but finding the right one isn't always easy. We recently discovered this great Belgian brand Sizable, that not only developed underwear with a perfect fit, they are also produced in an eco-friendly way.

Sizable produces men’s underwear that is invisible under clothing, offers a perfect fit and absorbs sweat. Using a 3D body scan analysis, Sizable determined three men's body types : Jim, Joe and Jack. Sizable utilises this information to produce made-to-fit shirts that fit perfectly. 
The undershirts made with Lyocell, a textile fibre from the eucalyptus plant, can absorb twice as much moisture as those made from normal cotton, yet their structure is stronger when washed.The sand-coloured undershirts are invisible under a light-coloured shirt and remain so, even if you leave one or two buttons open, thanks to the V-neck. Being that little bit longer, the shirts also remain beautifully in place.

Are you a Jack, Jim or Joe? Find it out on their site!