Grooming tips you already should be using

Men with beards are hot & happening.  So guess it’s high time to get your grooming skills to the next level. We love to share some tips with you.

Tip 1: Wash your face in a good way

Yes it’s a classic and doesn’t sound exciting at all, I know, but washing your face the propper way is the base of a good grooming routine. Say bye bye to this traditional bar of soap and apologize to your dad stuck in the old ages. Instead use a foaming face wash twice a day. Use it in the morning and before your well- deserved beauty sleep. Wake up and discover a fresh, reborn man standing in front of the mirror.

Tip 2: Moisturize!

Yes it’s a clear fact that men can, or let me say must, use a moisturising cream. It’s 2017, not the middle ages! Embrace your metrosexual self. Go get that soft, delicate white cream and let your rough skin soak it all up. Use a generous fingertip- sized dollop and dot around your face and neck. Now rub it out gently but thoroughly. Don’t forget there is a difference between an oily and sensitive skin. Both skintypes have different characteristics and needs.

Tip: Pamper you facial hair

Not digging a perfect clean shave or a babyface? Make sure you take care of your facial hair because they also need their daily dose of affection. Use a facial scrub twice a week over your entire beard or stubble to get rid of dead cells or flakes. Did you know that beard shampoo actually excist? That’s what I thought… Since you are aready at the grocery store grab a bottle of beard oil keeping it moist & smelling great.