Meet the friends: Bert

Because Steff is all about friendship, we decided to work with a group of friends instead of models for the FW campaign. We like to keep it real, you know?
After a selection, 5 friends came out as the perfect match for Steff.
Let’s meet Ward, Jan, Bert, Michael and Marnix.
Featuring this week: Bert

This ‘posterboy’ is the classy one of the squad. He’s a 28 year old facial surgeon in training, and loves to travel places where he can explore life under water. His friends are very important to him. Don’t let his dandy look mislead you, he sure knows how to have fun. Consequently, he chose one word as his credo: SMILE.

Favorite Steff pants: the corduroy number one. He combines them with a plain t-shirt and boots.