Meet the friends: Marnix

Because Steff is all about friendship, we decided to work with a group of friends instead of models for the FW campaign. We like to keep it real, you know?
After a selection, 5 friends came out as the perfect match for Steff.
Let’s meet Ward, Jan, Bert, Michael and Marnix.
Featuring this week: Marnix

This is the true gentleman of the group. The kind that still opens doors for women :).
He's a 28 year old sales representative and lives in Brussels. Marnix likes to dedicate his free time to travelling and in wintertime you can find him snowboarding in the Alps.

His credo? The journey is more important than the destination
Favorite Steff pants? The classic five pocket jean. He likes to wear it with a lumberjack shirt and tucked in a pair of leather boots.

PS. for the interested ladies: he's still single!