Meet the friends: Michaël

Because Steff is all about friendship, we decided to work with a group of friends instead of models for the FW campaign. We like to keep it real, you know?
After a selection, 5 friends came out as the perfect match for Steff.
Let’s meet Ward, Jan, Bert, Michael and Marnix.
Featuring this week: Michaël

He’s the oldest (and wisest :)) of the bunch. This 33 year old family man works in IT and has a soft spot for classic cars & bikes. He is probably the calmest guy of them all, but don’t be mislead by his easy going spirit, this is one dynamic lad. In his free time you can find him in the mountains (skiing, snowboarding, hiking) or on his skateboard.

Favourite Steff pants? The number one in blue. He likes to combine them with a denim shirt and classic boots.
Credo? As long as you have fun!