New Collection

Yay! New collection is in stores. 

Apart from a great story, a fabulous team and the best clients, Steff has something else that makes the brand unique. Every trouser has a special print inside. For the SS17 collection, we decided to work with a young Belgian designer, because we believe in the power of collaboration and we want to support young and passionate designers.

Meet Alexia de Ville de Goyet, who designed two prints for this collection. Alexia is known under the label 'Tenue de Ville', for the creation of wallpapers. Alexia’s main preoccupation is to tell stories. Always based on very eclectic sources of inspirations emerged from her travels — faraway or imaginary — and her superb curiosity, fauna, flora or abstract drawings are crafted here with elegance and modernity.

Samadhi (blissful peace)

A pattern with a very present artistic gesture, you can almost feel the aquarel spots still wet on the paper. A very spontaneous pattern yet with an elegant simplicity to it.

Yoshi print:

The Yoshi print is inspired by the Japanese masks of the classical theater. The colourful faces of this pattern are combined with the classical damask background in a joyful way.