STEFF FW18 - Meet Artuur Vandekerckhove

STEFF's new collection is almost hitting the stores, and we already want to give a sneak preview of the collection. As you all know, the inside of our pants is almost as important as the outside. For this collection, we worked together with an amazingly talented young illustrator, Artuur Vandekerckhove. He made a fantastic, surreal and highly detailed, nature inspired drawing for STEFF. 

When Steff approached me to make a design for them, I was immediately inspired by the adventurous vibes of their brand. Their exploratory and curious attitude led me to go on a hike with them. The mountains of the Steff logo are the perfect background for the sense of wonder we get when we go on these kinds of adventures. Walking through nature enhances my senses and feeds into the excitement of discovering the details of my surroundings. A reluctant fox, a rabbit family, the heron, a family of ducks, a brave dragonfly en even a little frog. The majestic deer, a busy woodpecker, a fidgety squirrel and a couple of lovebirds. You might have noticed the humans in the image are relatively small compared to their environment.  I think that expresses the sense of awe when we go out into the big world. Adventures are of course not only had in a literal sense. The paper boat and its captain sets out for its own adventure as a representation of our imaginaton. I hope you can come along for these discoveries and find some adventures of your own.