What to buy for Mother's day

Men, it’s that time of the year again. Mother's day! The moment to shower her with gifts. You could
buy her a bottle of perfume, a box of pralines or a bouquet of flowers. But guys: don’t! We usually
stick the first three aforementioned, because we are so predictable. TIme to become real men! The
mother of our children, the ultimate caretaker (and let’s face it also of us men) is worth so much more!

Here's some ideas that will make you a true hero, thank us later!

Johny be good
Johny be good is a belgian brand of tattooed white shirts. A necessary and classy wardrobe item with
a unique embroidery, handwritten by illustrator Axelle Zwartjes. A perfect basic that she simply needs
to have in her closet, period.
Shop here: https://www.johnybegood.be/collections

Okay, let’s be honest. Flowers are not that cliché. But please do not give her a bombastic bouquet
from the florist. Go for the slightly more hip bouquets of Bloomon. And we wouldn’t be STEFF if we
didn’t think this was important: thanks to local growers Bloomon keeps the ecological footprint small
and the field-fresh flowers are right on your table
Shop here: https://www.bloomon.be/nl-BE

Jasmien Witvrouw earrings
Go wild! Everyone will love these earrings by Jasmien Witbrouwen. With these on she’ll be the
biggest catch!
Shop here: http://jasmienwitvrouwen.bigcartel.com/product/new-biggest-catch-earrings

Judith Lingerie
“Even in lingerie she still has tricks up her sleeve.”
Judith lingerie is still a fairly unknown Belgian brand. Check out the shop! She’ll be very happy with
that, and so will you! I promise :)
Shop here: http://www.judithlingerie.com/store/

Designed in Belgium, The mix of colors and textures in iconic and intriguingly simple shapes make
them the perfect addition to any wardrobe. So also for her wardrobe. And let’s be real here, a woman
never has enough handbags!
Shop here: https://www.marvais.be/collections/bags