The Story

STEFF is a Belgian brand of men’s trousers, produced in Portugal. Respect for people, methods and material dominate the production process. We prove quality is anything but a cliché, that respect for nature is a total must. Durable and responsibly tailored trousers with an supreme fit: that is STEFF. A large production team shares this passion, each and every day. 

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Give him mountains, to set his mind free. Don’t be mistaken, he loves his house, his home and his stove, but now and then he just needs to get away.

Zero stress, zero bullshit. His job is his passion, his family and friends are his life. For them, he will conquer all. By the way: has the campfire been lit yet? Friends, a beer and a laugh. Life can be that easy. Life is for the living. That is what STEFF is about. This ‘New Gentleman’ will stick to his guns, but his principles won’t stop him. Beauty may bedazzle him, but he always keeps both feet firmly on the ground. He is a man eager to travel the world.

He is proud of his roots and values; which he transposes into his trousers collection for men. STEFF is durable and known for its supreme fit. Did you notice the many great details? That arty print, that fun tag: typical STEFF. And he is always keen to meet new friends.